Long lasting composite decking boards

Long lasting composite decking boards

I can appreciate that composite decking boards isn’t a product related to the typical wallcoverings we review here, but I think it’s worth talking about it in some detail because of the many benefits it brings to the table. Bestwood is part of a new wave of composite decking products that combine the benefits of hardwood, but are virtually maintenance free and are eco friendly.


Composite decking boards – what it means

What is WPC or wood polymer composite / wood plastic composite?  Simply it’s a mixture of wood fibres and plastic and there are a number of types and combinations available. It fits into a broader category of building materials knows as ‘natural fiber plastic composites’ (NFPCs). Developed in the 60s and very popular the USA started become more popular in the UK in recent years, but it’s still largely unknown in the broader market.

The benefits, when it comes to decking boards, are obvious: you get a product that looks like wood, but lasts much longer and needs less attention (sometimes none). This; however, depends on the production process and materials used. There have been stories of unscrupulous producers using toxic materials so it’s critical that you are certain the products have a verifiable material source.

One shouldn’t forget the broader issue of deforestation especially when it comes to some of the exotic hardwood types. Looking at the facts and figures on Bestwood decking you can be sure that you are getting beautifully looking product that is harder than hardwood and is eco-friendly.

Hollow core vs solid boards

Once you have decided to opt for composite decking as oppose to hardwood, you are then faced with the choice between hollow core and solid boards. Solid boards have been deemed as the original in composite decking; however, there are many reasons as to why hollow boards are more beneficial to use in your garden. The main advantages of hollow profiles is that they provide a lightweight solution to your decking needs as well as benefiting from low raw material consumption and therefore lower material costs.

Additionally, it is worth taking into consideration that not only is the decking  lighter they have fewer expansion and contraction properties meaning you will experience little or no disruption to your surface. The hollow space also comes in handy for wiring lights and speakers throughout your garden without the hassle of trying to conceal your cables! We’ve heard the argument that water can gather inside the holes and cause the boards to crack when frost comes (this argument is typically peddled by manufacturers of solid decking boards). Firstly, most decking installations are done at an angle so that water can run off the top easily and secondly, the holes would need to be filled with water 100% for water to freeze and cause damage.

Square or round holes?

Have you seen a square submarine? Round is the right answer and the reason is that round shapes can withstand greater weight – it’s just physics!

Eco friendly

Bestwood composite decking boards are truly unique. With a substantially high wood content, manufactured using 75% wood fibres and 25% pure polymer. Bestwood only uses raw materials of known origin, and is guaranteed to be toxin and PVC-free. Due to the simplicity of its composition Bestwood is 100% recyclable and we will even collect your off-cuts and recycle them for you free of charge. So, once you’ve installed your decking and have some off cuts you would like to get rid of, please get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a free collection.

Bestwood is sourced and manufactured entirely within the EU. All the timber is taken from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) spruce wood from sustainably managed forests. On top of being taken from eco-friendly sources, Bestwood also has several eco-friendly features. It is highly weather resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures with minimal expansion and shrinkage, good drainage and colour fastness. It is also long life, durable and hard-wearing and does not require any costly or time-consuming after care required. All these attributes make Bestwood decking for life.






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