Graphite Insulating Lining Paper

Graphite Insulating Lining Paper

What is it?

Graphite Insulating Lining Paper is made the same way as Insulating Lining Paper, but the polystyrene is infused with graphite. Why is it a big deal you ask. Simply, graphite has some heat reflective properties, which means that as the heat is trying to escape through the layer of polystyrene (and 1200 grade lining paper) it is reflected back into the room 20% better than it’d be with normal Insulating Lining Paper. I think it’s a very good result, especially when you think that that 4 mm polystyrene has the same insulation effect as an 85 mm of brick, 98 mm of sandstone block or 262 mm of concrete already – just add 20% on top of that. These are the numbers claimed by the manufacturer.

On the image below, you can see what the Graphite Insulating Lining Paper is made of. You can see that the normally white polystyrene is dark grey. This is caused by graphite.

What is Graphite Insulating Lining Paper made of?


The image below shows clearly the graphite polystyrene backing – it’s grey because of the graphite.

Graphite infused polystyrene


As with all polystyrene backed wallcoverings, there’s a small problem. Once you dent the polystyrene it stays that way i.e. it won’t come back up to flat level. See the example on this page.


You have to use a solvent free adhesive such as Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive. If you think you’d be saving yourself a few quid by using something else perhaps you need to rethink the whole job. Whilst I understand that everyone wants to get the job done as cost effectively as possible, you won’t be doing it when the Insulating Lining Paper starts coming off here and there and you have to start again.

Now, this is a very important part of the job. You can’t use the likes of Solvite All Purpose (or any other type similar to this) to stick the polystyrene to the wall. It’d be a bit like using Bostik Paper Glue to stick a brick to a wall. Perhaps slightly exaggerated, but not far from the truth. We’ll be talking to a wallcovering adhesive manufacturer soon to find out more about the art of adhesive making so, for now, take our word for it.


  1. Virginia Duffield

    can you wallpaper using conventional wallpaper over the graphite insulating lining paper?

    • OnWall

      Hi Virginia,

      Yes, very much so. Because the polystyrene on the Graphite Insulating Lining Paper is covered with traditional lining paper you can wallpaper over it.


  2. justin catlin

    hi how would the graphite insulating lining paper react in say a fire at home situation ?

    • OnWall

      The polystyrene used in production of the Graphite Insulating Lining Paper is treated with a retardant and will not burn – it just shrinks / melts away in a fire. However, because the non woven liner that is laminated to the polystyrene is not bonded to the wall it will combust more easily than if it was stuck to the wall itself.
      Overall the product should achieve an EN fire rating and the product is in the process of being tested to the EN model. Any paints applied to the surface especially fire retardant types will improve the fire performance further.


  3. Would this cover varnished pine cladding in a bedroom, without showing the cladding joins?

    • Hi Tony,

      I think so because of its thickness and relatively stiff structure; however, you need to consider the gaps between so that there’s enough surface for the adhesive to grip to.


  4. Louise

    Please could you advise me if this product will save more heat than Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner? Thanks.

    • OnWall

      Hi Louise,

      KV600 Thermal Liner is much better at providing thermal insulation for cold rooms than graphite insulating lining paper.



  5. Is this product Breathable?

    • OnWall

      Hi Mark,

      Depending which manufacturer you talk to, but I don’t think anyone could claim it is breathable, really. My feeling is that it’s breathable, but at a very insignificant level. Wallrock Thermal Liner products are breathable though. Wallrock Thermal Liners.


  6. Dhiresh Dave

    Hi, can this paper be used to cover up woodchip walls? thanks

    • OnWall


      Yes, most likely it’d work; however, depending on the grade of woodchip you have it might be required that you sand down the tops of the woodchip. Best to get a sample from us so that you can test it.


  7. Hello, I have damp on the inside of my wardrobe which is on an external wall. Will this product help?

    • OnWall

      Hi Brian,

      Do you have damp or is it condensation, please? The two issues are very different so need to know the answer to it before I can say yes or no.



  8. Hi,
    I had a fitted wardrobe on an external wall and had condensation issues. I decided to get rid of the wardrobe altogether (it was poorly made anyway), the condensation is gone. I am going to put a freestanding wardrobe. If I put that on the wall and leave about 10cm between the wall with this liner and the wardrobe, should it help avoid condensation? Is it good enough to do the job? wallrock looks great put a bit over my budget… Thanks!

    • OnWall

      Hi Tom,

      Yes, it should help a great deal; however, there’s always a danger of some condensation appearing due to lower air circulation behind the wardrobe. Please monitor it on regular basis.


  9. Hi Tom can one paint on it also how far does a tub of paste go cheers buddy

    • OnWall

      Hi Gary,

      You can paint it, but I think you’ll get a better finish when you hang something like paste-the-wall lining paper on top of it. 10kg tub of Wallrock Thermal Adhesive will be fine for about 4 rolls of Graphite Insulating Lining paper.


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