Wallrock R300 Liner

Wallrock R300 Liner

What is a rough wall?

Defining a rough wall (or ceiling for that matter) could take a long time. It might be a wall which has cracks, a wall which has been around for some 100 years and needs a lot of TLC, a wall which has goo-old-woodchip wallpaper and you just can’t take it anymore. Let’s look at how Wallrock R300 Liner can be of help in some of the situations.

Firstly, what is Wallrock R300 Liner? It’s made the same way as Wallrock Thermal Liner, but it’s 1 mm thick (+/- 5%) (the Thermal Liner is 3,2 mm thick). This means although it’s made using the same thermal material as its ‘bigger’ brother it won’t give you the thermal protection; however, it’s much cheaper per square metre of coverage. The thickness and soft backing makes it a perfect candidate for covering rough walls – you can go over areas that would otherwise show through a standard lining paper.

How thick is it?

Let’s compare the thickness of the Thermal Liner, Wallrock R300 and Wallrock Fibreliner. On the left, you have the Thermal Liner – it’s 3.2 mm thick and you can see clearly it’s the thickest of the three. Underneath it you have Wallrock Fibreliner – you can compare it to standard lining paper 1200 grade. On the right is Wallrock R300. The pencil should give you a better idea of the thickness.

Compering thickness of Wallrock Fibreliner, R300 and Thermal Liner


What’s it good for?

Damaged plaster, plasterboard, wood panelling and it’s especially great when it comes to covering woodchip wallpaper. See the image below – please note it’s been zoomed in to show the ‘unpleasant’ detail. As you can see, the soft backing of R300 allows you to cover what’s bumpy and cracked underneath. I would always suggest that you get a free sample of R300 to make sure it’ll be right for the job at hand. The surface of R300 is smooth – the same as Wallrock Fibreliner – and you can paint over it or use paste-the-wall type of wallpaper to finish it.

Wallrock R300 Liner covering woodchip


  1. Jillian Morland-Duff

    Can I use R300 in a kitchen that is prone to condensation problems?

    • OnWall

      Hi Jillian,

      Could you please let me know if the condensation is caused by the fact that it’s the kitchen with naturally higher amount moisture and (important) no or little ventilation or is the condensation on the outside facing walls. Wallrock R300 works by creating a barrier between the cold wall (most likely outside facing) and the warm air inside, which is one of the main causes of condensation. Obviously, it can’t remove excess moisture from the air.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Lissa Shahani

    I live in an old Edwardian house that has wood chip and anaglipta on the hall stairs and landing, would love to cover it up, would wall rock do this? Is it possible to have a sample of both types please.

  3. Brenda

    Can you use it on a breeze block wall?

    • OnWall

      Hi Brenda,

      You should be fine using Wallrock R300 on a breeze block wall, but you’ll need to size it (if it’s never been painted) and use extra amount of adhesive paste because the breeze blocks are quite porous.


  4. I have an old wooden beam that was plastered (!) 20 years ago, i have a small (30cm wide) at the edge of a wall that is exposed wood that I want to cover up without stripping the plaster from all the beam (it’s 15ft wide). Do you think this would work?

    • OnWall


      Sorry for the delay in replying. By the sound of it, Wallrock R300 (or Cosy Liner depending on the total coverage) would do the job well. If you haven’t requested a sample, please do so and we’ll post it to you.


  5. Helen Panae


    I buying a house and all the walls have been covered in wood chip wall paper, what can I use to cover them to create a flat plastered wall effect?


    • OnWall

      Hi Helen,
      I think you’ve read the article about Wallrock R300. Depending on the area to cover and the texture of the woodchip (there are 4 grades available) you could consider Wallrock Thermal Liner as well, but this may not be the most cost effective way of dealing with woodchip. If using Wallrock R300, you could add Wallrock Premium or Plus to get the plaster-like finish.


  6. Michael Lench

    We have a whole room decorated with woodchip, I have managed to clean off about 1/8 of the room but it is endless. Please can you send me a sample of each and instructions on which paste is favoured.
    Many thanks and here’s hoping…

  7. I have just moved in a 3 bedroom house every room is wood chip, very old wood chip. Please can you HELP I would be very grateful if could send me a sample. Many thanks

    • OnWall

      Hi Jo,
      Please send us your postal address via the contact us form on the website (don’t post your address here, please) and we’ll send some samples.


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